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Looking for a beautiful gift to give a top donor, Alumni, or group? Our chairs, rockers and lamps are elegant, classy reminders and a gift that will last a lifetime. We have had donors give $5,000, $10,000, or more each year just to get a set of our chairs.

Here's a great idea:

Laser engrave your School Seal or Fundraising organization logo on the front of the chair or rocker.
(Below is the 505 Rocker with gold filled laser engraving.)

Now laser engrave in gold fill the group of donors names or your names as a thank you on the back.
(Available on the 415 Model chair or 505 Model Rocker)

Close up of names:

This is a stunning gift and a great idea. For more information, call us at 513-207-7756, or e-mail us at info@traditionalchairs.com

Or just order chairs for each donor:


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e-mail: info@traditionalchairs.com

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